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Robert Fillyaw - FL

Tomorrow morning I fly to Omaha to cheer for the Gators to win the college baseball world series with my 7 year old son. It's our first father-son trip.

It's also 3 days out of the office, at the end of June, before a holiday weekend, with 12 closings happening while I'm gone!!! I decided to go on Sunday with no planning. 6 short months ago this would have never happened...I didn't have the systems or team in place to even dream of this. Now I'm able to make a lifelong memory with my son with minimal anxiety and didn't hesitate to accept the tickets when offered. I can think of at least 4 other opportunities that we missed because I couldn't be out of the office.

He grabbed my hand crossing the parking lot of the hotel and told me this was the best boys trip ever....we're only 2 hours in and haven't even left the state yet! Thank you Freedom Club and all the awesome members for sharing and showing there is a better way.

David Holland - PA

Best year ever on my personal production and for my company. I closed 320 units for $81MM, and company closed 985 units for $217MM. Appreciate all of you and how open everyone is with each other. Have leaned so much the last 18 months and could not have done it without the group.

Special thanks to my coach the past 18 months Kristen Whipple Watkinss who I grew and leaned so much from. Shout out to her husband Ralph Watkins who brought me into the group and my new coach Tammy Conley Schneider who I am excited to work with.

PS: When I grow up, I want to be Tammy Saul!
David Holland
Tom Bickett

Tom Bickett - NJ

Just got the Final CTC for my best month ever. I have a lot to implement and your coaching has been Amazing. Last week, I was on My company's President's Club, and the number 1 question I got is what changed, as my numbers keep climbing. I said I got the best Team in the Business standing behind me.... All of you.  Thanks everyone for making this a cool place to be.

Miles Pitcher - UT

Miles Pitcher who is focused and working on his third month in a row of his "best month" ever. May was impressive, June set a new standard and now July is projected to once again exceed the other two months.

He has grown from 4 loans to 23 a month since joining the Freedom Club last October. This guy knows how to ride for success both in the office and out. He enjoys biking with agents over a typical "coffee" session.

Miles Pitcher
Toni Taylor 1

Toni Taylor - FL

Holy cow-just pulled our Sept Funded report and we closed over 12 million and our highest previous month ever was 7.6--- NMLS reporting just got fun! Freedom Club has been incredible in helping this happen.  A huge thank you to each and every one of you! Now we need to keep it going so we can make you proud!

I've seen enough. I'm ready.

If I could have what these people are talking about, it would change my life.