Robert Fillyaw

We just had our first father-son trip. It was 3 days out of the office, at the end of June, before a holiday weekend, with 12 closings happen while I was gone!!! I decided to go on Sunday with no planning. 6 short months ago this would have never happened.  Thank you Freedom Club for showing me there is a better way.

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Tom Bickett

Just got the Final CTC for my best MONTH ever. Last week,  on my company's President's Club trip,  the #1 question I got is what changed, as my numbers keep climbing. I said I've got the best Team in the Business standing behind me.  Thank you!  Your coaching has been amazing.

Now it's your turn!

Wes Oliver

I just had my best month ever
in typically a slow December.
Personally closed 19 loans for
4.25m in volume.  I am super
excited to finally stop driving
around with the brakes on and
playing defense.  It's time to go
offense and the time is NOW!
Also, thanks to all of you here for inspiring me to step up my game.
So honored to be part of this.

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